YEEUU K1 Smart Lock Box

Store, retrieve and grant access to keys guests using passwords or smartphone remote control. Manage access by phone instantly from anywhere!

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Hidden high tech

We create products for the next generation ofsmart home adopters. The consumers who care more about their home decor and a easier life than tech and gadgets.

All-In-One Design

Smart door locks are always bloated without any aesthetics. We integrate all the electronics and circuits in the front handle, making the product very compact and aesthetically pleasing, but also powerful. Because it is highly integrated, installation is easy.

Multiple Ways To Unlock

Always forgetting to bring the key has always been an unsolved worry of the family. We provide all ways to identify the door opening. The mobile phone, fingerprint, password, and card can all open the door to make the door intelligent.

Designed For Aesthetics

The door lock is just a lock? No.
Aesthetics is invisible and silent. Our smart door lock is subtly integrated into the home environment. It is a lock and it is also a work of art.

Intelligent Management

Have you tried calling Uber with your mobile app or shopping or playing games? Have you tried using a mobile app to control your door locks?
We have realized the connection between the lock and the mobile phone APP, and expanded many functions. After using our smart lock, we can freely manage the family, fingerprints, passwords, and view records.

Remote Sharing Permissions

Relatives and friends used to need you to open the door or give a key. We designed the remote sharing permission function of mobile phones to make family members administrators. At the same time, it is designed to open the door through a mobile phone, and only needs to share the designated mobile phone number to use.

Protect your safety

Protecting home security is the first task of door locks. Our door locks have multiple types of passwords, which can be selected according to requirements to improve security.
Worrying about forgetting to lock? Use our lock to lock automatically after unlocking to prevent trailing.
When you are not at home, after the fingerprint or password is tried repeatedly by a stranger, the lock will be automatically locked, and there will be an alert message on the APP.

Integration Smart Home

Connect with Amazon Alex, Google home and other smart products.You can set up the Lock for Amazon Alexa or Google home and issue the command "Alexa, open the door/garage"

R2 Smart Fingerprint Lock FIDO



R2 Smart Fingerprint Lock FIDO
R2 Smart Fingerprint Lock FIDO R2 Smart Fingerprint Lock FIDO R2 Smart Fingerprint Lock FIDO R2 Smart Fingerprint Lock FIDO R2 Smart Fingerprint Lock FIDO R2 Smart Fingerprint Lock FIDO R2 Smart Fingerprint Lock FIDO R2 Smart Fingerprint Lock FIDO

Various advanced parts are integrated inside, but the appearance is presented in a simple design language. It also won the 2019 Red Dot Design Award.


This is the most beautiful product I have ever seen. It is actually more beautiful than the picture, and the response is very fast.

鈥 Abbey

I really like the YEEUU lock, it works well.

鈥 John

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